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Discover the beauty of timelessness and eternity through hour gorgeous Lab-grown Diamond Rings.
  1. Camilla Diamond Ring
    Camilla Diamond Ring
    ₹16,584 As low as As low as ₹16,584 ₹17,457 ₹17,457
  2. Adya Sparkling Diamond Ring Lab-grown diamond RG of SVR in  Gold Metal
    Adya Sparkling Diamond Ring
    ₹23,373 As low as As low as ₹23,373 ₹24,603 ₹24,603
  3. Arianna Diamond Ring
    Arianna Diamond Ring
    ₹16,275 As low as As low as ₹16,275 ₹17,132 ₹17,132
  4. Letizia Diamond Ring
    Letizia Diamond Ring
    ₹32,862 As low as As low as ₹32,862 ₹34,592 ₹34,592
  5. Anna Diamond Ring Lab-grown diamond RG of SVR in  Gold Metal
    Anna Diamond Ring
    ₹21,940 As low as As low as ₹21,940 ₹23,095 ₹23,095
  6. Leia Diamond Ring Lab-grown diamond RG of SVR in  Gold Metal
    Leia Diamond Ring
    ₹23,893 As low as As low as ₹23,893 ₹25,151 ₹25,151
  7. Rio Intertwine Diamond Ring
    Rio Intertwine Diamond Ring
    ₹21,980 As low as As low as ₹21,980 ₹23,137 ₹23,137
  8. Rikki Diamond Band
    Rikki Diamond Band
    ₹18,979 As low as As low as ₹18,979 ₹19,978 ₹19,978
  9. Salma Butterfly Ring Lab-grown diamond RG of SVR in  Gold Metal
    Salma Butterfly Ring
    ₹27,575 As low as As low as ₹27,575 ₹29,026 ₹29,026
  10. Rabia Interlink Diamond Band
    Rabia Interlink Diamond Band
    ₹18,383 As low as As low as ₹18,383 ₹19,350 ₹19,350
  11. Amalia Creeper Diamond Ring
    Amalia Creeper Diamond Ring
    ₹21,328 As low as As low as ₹21,328 ₹22,451 ₹22,451
  12. Symphony Diamond Ring
    Symphony Diamond Ring
    ₹18,241 As low as As low as ₹18,241 ₹19,201 ₹19,201


Svaraa - A kalamandir Jewellers Partnership has more than 200+ diamond rings on its website. These designer diamond rings are apt for everyday fashion accessories. We also cater to some exceptional diamond ring design that can be worn on special occasions. Svaraa also has some exquisite engagement solitaire rings for people looking for something unique, rare, and precious, Just as their love for their partner. Every Diamond Ring available at Svaraa is intricately crafted with precision to give you the utmost comfort and elegant charm.

At Svaraa we offer various styles of rings.

Solitaire Rings

Solitaire rings are among the most famous and prominent selling diamond rings. The solitaire ring is a ring with a single diamond. It’s a perfect choice and most preferred for Engagement. At Svaraa, we offer intricately crafted Solitaire Designer rings; you can adorn them on your big day, wear them in everyday fashion, and be the show-stopper.

Casual Rings

The minimalist designer Jewellery that expresses your personality. stunning now, stunning forever. crafted to stand the test of time, The casual rings from Svaraa are the perfect pick for the women, who choose to stay classy and fashionable with the fashion trends.

Engagement Rings

A ring which is the perfect resemblance for the wedding vows & promise of togetherness forever, it symbolises the bond of devotion, love, affection & commitment of you towards your partner. Engagement ring is considered as the perfect piece of jewellery to express your love for your partner and make it a once in a lifetime moment. Svaraa offers a wide range of Exquisite designer diamonds and engagement rings which are intricately crafted to perfection by the artisans of Svaraa to express your love for your partner and remind them of your love every single time they have a glance of it. 

Eternity Rings

Ancient Egyptians used eternity rings as a token of eternal love and life, So when it comes to history of an Eternity Ring it throws into the time back n 4000 years ago. An eternity ring represents two people's unending love. An eternity ring is made out of a continuous band of world class Diamonds. Although there is no specific rule for when someone should get an eternity ring, they usually signify a significant event in a couple's lives. It also symbolises the circle of life and is gifted to the partner to make the memory remarkable to an eternity. At Svaraa we believe that love is the most precious feeling in the world, so as to express your love for your partner we have the most unique and precious Eternity Ring made with various Diamond Cuts and Solitaires, A perfect gift to express your eternal love for your partner.

Cocktail Rings

Cocktail rings originally introduced in the 1920s. Cocktail rings grew in popularity during this time period, peaking in the 1950s. Cocktail rings have a certain appeal. Cocktail rings are made of Diamonds and various Precious coloured stones. Cocktail rings are worn by the women on the right hand of the Index finger or the ring finger to express their unique class and style. Every Designer Cocktail Rings at Svaraa are made in one of a kind design using the most precious gemstones and world class diamonds to offer you the modern and classy look, you’ll get admired for.

Promise Rings

During the 2nd century BC, Roman brides wore promise rings as a symbol of a marriage commitment, because the law required couples to wait a specific amount of time between proclaiming their decision to marry to the wedding itself. Nowadays Promise rings have gained popularity as the celebs and the millennials have started wearing Promise Ring as a Symbol of their commitment to their relationship. The Promise Ring comes in various shapes and sizes. At Svaraa you’ll find various kind of Promise rings such as a plain band, A Solitaire or a Diamond in the center and many others with the combination of Diamonds and Gemstones.

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